Highland Support Project

The mission of the Highland Support Project is to innovate transformational models of development that break cycles of dependency. We engage in long-term accompaniment that supports Highland indigenous communities of the Americas to live on their land, in their community, and with their culture.


We empower individuals to take advantage of opportunities and change their communities through constructive action.

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We specialize in creating synergistic programming initiatives that foster partnerships between communities and faith-based, development and academic organizations.

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We create trips that offer rich cultural, historical and human exchanges between non-native partners and native community members.

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Latest News

“Working in AMA, I don’t suffer discrimination for being indigenous and speaking Mam like in other places I have worked. Here, it’s an advantage I have and I’m not rejected for being who I am. I have the opportunity to learn many new things and currently getting to practice all aspects related to by career of Business Administration is why I like my position. I want to see Alternatives Boutique Xela grow more, and I want to see more clients … read more

    The Nedee Bikiyaa’s organic garden located on the White Mountain Apache reservation in Eastern Arizona is an example of Native teachings concerning complexity achieved through simplicity. As a symbol, the garden represents a return to food sovereignty and traditional beliefs about how to live in harmony with creation. As a health intervention, the garden is an example of the logical next phase of nutrition education for a population suffering high rates of diabetes and other ailments resulting from the loss of traditional … read more

HSP Organizes New Partnership for Equine Assisted Therapy The mission of the Highland Support Project is to foster the growth of social capital that enables people to work together to access opportunities and create a better world. One aspect of this endeavor is promoting the values and norms that permit cooperation and seeking the common good. Adam Smith, the famed Scottish philosopher and author of the Wealth of Nations, also penned the Theory of Moral Sentiments in which he argues … read more

The midwives of CODECOT received a workshop on arthritis today about its causes and ways of prevention, as well as how to treat it with plant medicine and prevent it with healthy anti-inflammatory additions to the diet. 21 of HSP’s supported AMA women circle members are participating in the 2-year training to become licensed midwives. They have completed a year of their studies so far and are currently spending one day a week doing their 3-month long hospital practicum where … read more