Highland Support Project

The mission of the Highland Support Project is to innovate transformational models of development that break cycles of dependency. We engage in long-term accompaniment that supports Highland indigenous communities of the Americas to live on their land, in their community, and with their culture.


We empower individuals to take advantage of opportunities and change their communities through constructive action.

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We specialize in creating synergistic programming initiatives that foster partnerships between communities and faith-based, development and academic organizations.

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We create trips that offer rich cultural, historical and human exchanges between non-native partners and native community members.

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Latest News

  5 hardworking and fun-loving ladies from Dilworth United Methodist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina came to experience rural indigenous life in Guatemala for their 1st mission trip with HSP. The team built 5 stoves in the community of Caserío Belen, San Juan Ostuncalco, and carried out their Maya Arts Project (MAP) in a rural school in the neighboring community of Chanshenel. During the construction of their stoves, many family members were actively involved with our Dilworth partners and enjoyed … read more

According to Mayan cosmovision, we are not seen as separate from our environment but rather we are known to have been created from it. All matter on earth is made up of the same particles as stars, and Maya mythology tells that we first formed into humans as corn growing from the earth. Just as how we as Highland Partners come to Guatemala to understand and experience another culture, we leave part of ourselves behind. The process is reciprocal, Highland … read more

  HSP just finished up a fantastic week of service with Tarrytown United Methodist Church from Austin, Texas, who brought their Youth Group down to Guatemala for their triennial trip with HSP. The team of 32 youth and 14 adults built 15 stoves in the Mam community of El Tizate, San Juan Ostuncalco, which was that community’s first time connecting with Highland Partners. The Tarrytown team planted 150 trees and carried out 4 distinct and unique MAP projects with El … read more

“Midwives not only improve the chance of a safe pregnancy and delivery, but also provide the full continuum of care throughout a woman’s life.” -Isabella Lövin, Sweden’s minister of international development cooperation The International Day of the Midwife on May 5th received major media recognition in TIME magazine, discussing midwifery and its importance in public and women’s health. We’re so happy to see such an important but often marginalized role getting major attention. As awareness increases, we invite those of … read more