Highland Partners Internship Program

The Highland Partners (HiP) Internship Program, an initiative of the Highland Support Project and the Asociacíon de Mujeres del Altiplano (AMA), provides opportunities for students who are enrolled not less than half-time in high school, undergraduate or graduate programs in accredited US educational institutions to acquire work-related educational experience and become involved in early career exploration as a basis for making realistic decisions regarding their future careers. Through the program, students are provided exposure to the work environment, which should encourage them to develop positive work ethics and to acquaint them with various functions of the HSP mission.

Possible Areas of Focus

Program Development: HiP intern assignments may include a variety of administrative, analytical, and research tasks, including assistance with the preparation of grant portfolio briefings, assembling and updating grant records, and conducting research for studies of special interest, examples of which include sustainable agriculture, mobile arts education, and holistic & maternal health.

Program Evaluation: HiP interns could choose to be involved with research and evaluation assignments related to grassroots development in Latin America.

Partner Affairs and Relationships: HiP interns may assist with creating, proofreading, editing, and fact-checking a variety of publications, including Short Videos, Social Media Engagements, Promotional Brochures and Flyers, and Photography. Additionally, interns may plan and execute outreach and community events to engage new partners and maintain relationships with current partners.

Program Operations: HiP interns may assist with a variety of day-to-day operations, including office management, human resources, record keeping, accounting, donor relations, and general office functions.


Applicants must be students who are enrolled at least half time in high school, undergraduate, or graduate programs of an accredited educational institution. Internship service is limited to services performed by the student with the permission of the institution where the student is enrolled. Generally, students must be interested or pursuing a career related to the mission of the Highland Support Project or other administrative and support offices. Areas of interest include: Spanish language studies, Latin America or Caribbean studies or development, social-economic issues, financial management, legal research, or agricultural and urban development issues. Applicants must be available to work at least 12 hours per week in increments of at least 4 hours per day, for a total minimum of 150 hours per semester. A written agreement will be developed jointly between the school and HSP describing the responsibilities of each organization and identifying the conditions under which students may receive academic credit for unpaid career-related experience.

Please contact your campus career placement office to obtain information regarding the specific internship requirements for that institution.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should fill this form https://goo.gl/forms/Z9tEEQVXnLHAonNL2. Once you have filled this form we may contact you an give you more information. Applications are accepted year round. Each internship will be assigned a set of agreed expected deliverables.

Academic Credit:

Students who participate in the HiP Internship Program do not receive compensation. However, in exchange for partnering with us, we provide a challenging educational experience that the student’s school may elect to accept as academic credit for coursework. The candidate will provide all necessary university contacts and instructions needed to comply with the credit program. It is the candidate’s responsibility to manage the academic credit process with their university. HSP will comply with the schedule set up by the academic institution and communicated by the candidate or institution.

Dates and Hours:

This internship will likely last 3 months; start date and weekly hours to be set by the university’s academic requirement and candidate’s schedule. Candidate will be expected to work onsite at HSP’s central office in Richmond, Virginia, United States, or in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.