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Indigenous Critique of Party Politics

  • Highland Support Project 700 West Franklin Street Richmond, VA, 23220 United States (map)

Audelino Sac Coyoy is a Maya-K’iche’ academic from Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.   He describes his duel life as a Maya "Day Counter" or "Maya Preist " in his native culture and as a Professor of Political Science and Maya Studies in his Western Persona.   

In addition to his notable academic career,  Don Audelino was selected by the council of elders to represent Maya communities in negotiations between the government and the revolutionary forces of the URNG.   He has consulted with numerous government and non-governmental agencies on development policies.  He is currently the advisor for HSP's maternal and infant well-being program.    

While he has become known internationally for his lectures on Maya culture and cosmovision, he wishes to lecture on an Indigenous critique of party politics and the political crisis of Guatemala.  He is currently serving a professor of political science teaching at Universidad Rafael Landívar Campus de Quetzaltenango. 

Don Audelino, as his students call him,  presents an indigenous alternative to party politics based on meritocracy and grass-roots respect over money or institutional control over the decision-making process.    Elections a democracy does not make when the process for selecting candidates is not democratic.