Learning from Leading

Leading an alternative spring break trip to Guatemala with the Highland Highland Support Project was an incredible experience in terms of my own growth as a student leader and my intercultural competence.  Planning the logistics of the trip as well as facilitating reflections amongst our group helped me reflect on the elements of my own leadership that were strong as well as areas for growth.  Having Highland Support Project there to organize cultural immersion experiences including a Mayan prayer ceremony, visit to the local villages, and women’s groups proved especially enriching.  HSP was a wonderful host and really facilitated our work within the village building stoves.  I think having student organizations partner with an existing program promotes not only a sense of continuity and dedication to the local community, but also pushes students to reflect upon their own privileges and points of view in a productive way.  I would highly recommend other schools consider partnering with HSP.

Meg Barry, 2009 service trip leader, University of Virginia

Ben Blevins