Model of Change

Highland Support Project is absolutely wonderful! HSP provides a volunteer experience like no other. I have been on two different volunteer trips with HSP and I have worked with them as an intern for a month and a half in Guatemala. Each time I have had wonderful experiences. I have been on many volunteer trips outside of HSP and by far they are providing the best experiences! They are one of few organizations that legitimately provide a volunteer experience that benefits long term sustainable change for the communities they work in. This organization has found the perfect balance of "work", play, and education for their volunteers. Not only have I come back from their trips feeling good, but I feel educated on the issues happening in Guatemala and what we, as global citizens, can do to help! Coming from an education in International Affairs and Humanitarian Affairs, I can confidently attest to HSP's functional and brilliant model for change and empowerment. I love this organization! I have not worked with a better organization to date!!! Support HSP!!