Weaving Maya and Western healing knowledge for improved infant maternal health.

Study tour in Guatemala July 22-29.

With VCU Institute of Women's Health and the Highland Support Project.
The itinerary includes cultural, educational, service and exchange. Learn about traditional Maya midwifery practices, medicinal herbs, bone setters, spirit guides and energy healing. Trip includes visits to Lake Atitlan and Antigua. The 8-day trip is all inclusive for $985.00 plus airfare. All proceeds support training for rural health care workers.
For more information and an application visit www.womenshealth.vcu.edu. Contact Janett Forte at Janett.Forte@vcuhealth.org or Beth Collins at estoddert@vcu.edu.
For more information about partnering with Indigenous communities of the Americas explore www.highlandsupportproject.org or contact info@highlandspupportproject.org