Success Stories in the Highlands! Vol.1


The bravest people in this world are those who break tradition. They push norms that have become walls that confine them and say you are this, it is all you will ever be, nothing will ever change. These trailblazers push boundaries without making much noise. Historically, society often highlights white men for their breakthroughs. Women with groundbreaking achievements are swept aside, but today we make time to celebrate a different kind of influencer.

Doña Nicolasa is proving that “norms” are wrong. Similar to many other women in indigenous communities like La Cumbre, her role is powerful, she is a mother, a widow, her life revolves around her children, home, and the mam-community. The tradition and poverty never allowed Doña Nicolasa to receive proper education.

Inspired by the efforts of AMA, highlighting education as a key factor for growth in indigenous communities of Guatemala, Doña Nicolasa decided to enroll in the classroom.

She joined CONALFA, an organization teaching illiterate communities. While her children went to learned in the school Twi'Ninwitz during the day, Doña Nicolasa spent her evenings in the same classroom learning how to read and write.

Today, she is able to recognize the alphabet. Her efforts not only inspire her children to pursue education, she is an inspiration to women in her community. She is a mother, with domestic duties to accomplish, but now we can call this wonderful woman a scholar. Her example transcends La Cumbre community and inspires us at Highland Support Project.

Written by Kimberly E.