Strengthening Our Capacity to Take Advantage of Opportunities

In all that we do, we look for ways to increase our knowledge, resources, and strategy for sharing our passion for grassroots organizing, our philosophy of development, and the beauty of the Maya culture.   To this end, we shared 5 days in Quetzaltenango with Deloitte Consulting’s team of Washington D.C. experts in marketing and sales, completing workshops they specifically tailored to provide our staff in Guatemala with appropriate tools to strengthen our platform and marketing capabilities.

We are proud to be professional women with the capacity to come together to identify strategies that allow us to find our own competitive space in a globalized market and create direct business negotiations on our own terms, maintaining our focus on empowering indigenous leaders and finding sustainable solutions.

Thanks to the love and support of our brothers and sisters of different nationalities, varied levels of education and economy, and a myriad of language, cultural, and religious backgrounds, we are achieving our goal of empowerment and agency for ourselves and our partners in cooperative action.