A Kitchen With Purpose

Last Thursday we attended the opening ceremony at the school Las Lagunas Cuaches, built by Servant Church from Texas over this summer. Complete with a ribbon cutting ceremony, large bouquets of flowers, and a delicious lunch afterwards, it was clear how much of a celebration this really was for the school. The director of the school, Mariela, explained, “it’s a great blessing and happiness to have this new kitchen. Thank you to the volunteers, AMA, and the women’s circle here, I don’t have words to show all of my gratitude.” 

Ceremony at the rural school Las Lagunas Cuaches.

Ceremony at the rural school Las Lagunas Cuaches.

This kitchen is a huge blessing for the kids who were exposed to the smoke. They also used to play around the open fire during their break, but now with the new kitchen, the meals will be made in a clean and safe place. The women who are in charge of cooking are very happy because they have a better environment with more space, and they now can cook more than one meal at the same time.

When looking at the new kitchen, and all the happiness of the people who will be benefitting from it, it's amazing to see how worthwhile all the hardwork from the volunteers was.

Written by. Madison S. & Diana Alvarado

Pictures by. Diana Alvarado

Diana Alvarado