Indigenous Women in the Process of Starting a Small Business

Women from AMA’s Xecaracoj Women’s Circle admire the pineapple cakes they have just finished decorating. Mayra, AMA’s Community Facilitator has taught this Circle how to build a stove out of foil, wire and masking tape, costing them under $4.00. They also learn how to bake a cake in their new oven, and finally how to decorate their cake. Through this cookery project women have the opportunity to learn skills which they can use in order to provide an additional income for their families while at the same time raising their self-esteem. AMA's Women's Circle program has a entrepreneur/business component where the women work with the AMA Administration and the Highland Support Project to do market investigations, product testing, pricing, and distribution.
If you would like to come to Guatemala to try products like this one made by members of AMA’s Women’s Circles and participate in one of our service learning programs that HSP offers, check out our trips page.