Improving Lifestyles Through Building Stoves

Last January we were able to have a VCU volunteer group who supported the community of Marroquines. They were a very powerful and energetic group who came to keep changing lives at the community and improving their lifestyle through building Stoves.

We visited the community of Marroquines a week ago, to see how several families were doing after receiving new stoves from a VCU volunteer group January. 

First, we visited Imelda Carreto Marroquin, who said that she, along with her five family members using the stove, felt very happy to have a smoke-free stove. Previously, she suffered from frequent and severe sore throats and headaches due to the smoke, which both have improved since the new stove.

Second, visited Faustina Lopez Perez, and her mother Cristina Perez Escobar. Both women expressed appreciation for the stove, but Cristina was especially appreciative for the new stove after recent health complications. After undergoing two operations in the past year, she was especially susceptible to the smoke, and previously could not be anywhere near the old stove. With her new stove, she is no longer limited within her own home, and can return to her kitchen, where she excitedly told us that in addition to the lack of smoke, she loved that she can now cook multiple things, such as hot coffee and tortillas, all at the same time.

Written by. Madison Sweitzer

Diana Alvarado