Dusty Shoes Impact on The Community of Chiquix

Women's circles have been one of our main projects at AMA, and it's incredible to see how the numbers of women that are part of them has grown. This year, the women from the community of Chiquix came up with the idea of a new kitchen at the public school. They suggested this idea because, previously, their way of cooking was unsafe for both those cooking and the children at the school. After they found this necessity they had a meeting with Paola and that's how we got involved on this amazing project. The women circle also had a meeting with the COCODE and the school's director to have their support. 

This July, the Dusty Shoes team came to Guatemala with 26 volunteers, and left behind a long-lasting impact on the community of Chiquix.


The volunteers were from both Fredericksburg United Methodist Church and Shady Grove United Methodist Church, and were lead by Trish Vaughan. During their week here the group divided and conquered, with half of the group working on a new school kitchen, while the other half built 12 stoves in homes. Dusty Shoes didn’t just bring strength in numbers, but also had such a successful week due to their generosity, hard-working attitudes, and sense of humor. ♡

Written by. Madison S

Diana Alvarado