Fundación Yanapak Yachachikuna- Chimborazo, Ecuador (FYYChE)

To attend college in Ecuador, all students must pass an English proficiency test, and while English education is a required part of all students’ curriculum, there is a marked shortage of English teachers in the country. This results in a concentration of English teachers in the schools of the cities while the rural, dominantly Indigenous, schools are left without access to the education necessary for admission to higher education. In one of our partner communities, Balda Lupaxi, not a single child has gone on to attend college since the entrance exam laws went into effect in the late 90’s. Such discriminatory laws are one of the primary reasons that in the rural areas of the central Ecuadorian highlands, 95% of the population still lives in poverty.

For this reason, HSP has partnered with Fundación Yanapak Yachachikuna (FYYChE), an indigenous led education initiative, to aid Kichwa community schools and give children from the villages a chance at escaping poverty. In the Kichwa language, “yanapak yachachikuna” translates to “servant teachers,” which is what we aim to be for the communities we work alongside.

Highland Support Project sends teams to help build education infrastructure and curriculum as well as recruits volunteers to be servant teachers in our partner communities and teach in a community school for a school year.