Getting to Know Dilworth UMC

5 hardworking and fun-loving ladies from Dilworth United Methodist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina came to experience rural indigenous life in Guatemala for their 1st mission trip with HSP. The team built 5 stoves in the community of Caserío Belen, San Juan Ostuncalco, and carried out their Maya Arts Project (MAP) in a rural school in the neighboring community of Chanshenel.

During the construction of their stoves, many family members were actively involved with our Dilworth partners and enjoyed helping them mixing cement and carry blocks. One of AMA’s women’s circle members and current stove beneficiaries was in the middle of having her new house built. She dictated where the future kitchen would be and the stove was built in the open air through rain, cold and wind; but our Dilworth partners were happy as ever to help bring her homeowner’s dream alive with the addition of an improved stove.

With only 5 members of the team, the Dilworth ladies bravely led 2 MAP projects to over 100 students, from grades 1-6. It was a busy morning, to say the least. The director of the school commented that the government only gives them about 200 Quetzales per year (approximately $26.00) to buy all of their supplies for the total of 130 students, including those in pre-primary. Because of this, they cannot afford art supplies like paint, glitter, brushes, canvas, etc., that HSP supplies MAP with. The students rarely get to let their creativity shine through elementary art and so they were ecstatic to paint, glue, cut, and play on that special day. The joy and excitement on their faces to learn about their Maya culture through art and creativity was something that warmed all of our hearts and kept us smiling for the rest of the day.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with the loving hearts of Dilworth UMC for another mission trip in the future. Until next time, thanks to our lovely team for choosing to do their summer mission trip through the transformational development model of HSP!


Laura Catania