When Everyone is Uplifted, Nobody is Left Behind

For more than six years now, members of Aldersgate United Methodist Church AUMC have continued to support the process of empowerment and agency of women and men in indigenous communities of the Highlands. During this time together we have created sustainable projects that support well-being in the context of indigenous Maya identity and worldview.

Over time we have developed friendships based on love, aware of all being part of the creation of the universe which dictates the responsibility to support each other with an attitude of gratitude. This concept allows us to thank Pastor and friend Jason Michelli and his team for their enthusiasm, effort, and continued support.

AUMC this summer provided an opportunity to twelve indigenous women in the Chuicavioc community to join our network of mutual support, starting with the construction of their stoves and construction of the first school of diversified high school in the community of Xeabaj I, that will accept students from eleven different communities in the region of Santa Catarina Ixtahucán.

Karen Mayorga