Expanding the Opportunities of Empowerment Across the Americas

New Communities & New Opportunities: HSP is Building an Association of Women’s Circles in the Highlands of Peru! 

Using the same model of community development that has proven sustainable and successful for the past twenty years working with Indigenous Maya in Guatemala and Native American Apache in Arizona, HSP now is excited to provide opportunities of education, health, and entrepreneurship to groups of Indigenous Quechua-speaking women outside of Cusco, Peru. 

To donate towards the facilitation of this pilot Women’s Circle Program in Peru, please click on this link:

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Introducing Margot Brown- Founder of the Women’s Circles of Peru

Margot Brown is the Coordinator of HSP’s new Women’s Circle Program in Peru. Having been born and raised in the city of Cusco, Peru, Margot quickly realized that there were dozens of marginalized indigenous communities right up the mountain from her home. From her earliest work in these communities with social programs run through the Catholic Church, she realized that the Quechua-speaking women, especially, were voiceless; not voiceless because of inferiority, but because of a lack of access to education, healthcare and medical resources, and entrepreneurial opportunities. 

Margot has made it her life’s mission to connect her Quechua-speaking communities to various programs of sustainable development. Margot believes that by empowering an individual, “you are opening up their eyes and showing them that they deserve more in this life than what they have been given.”

Karen Mayorga