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Connect your community to the movement!

Become an AlterNatives Trade Ambassador by providing quality handmade goods from rural, indigenous communities.

We believe in the power of connection, and that the market is a sacred place where we partner though live-sustaining relationship of trade and mutual benefit. By partnering through our AlterNatives trade program, you invite your community into life-sustaining relationships of trade with Indigenous Artisans of the Americas. Join us!

How it Works

OPTION 1: Online Auction

Use our online platform to auction off items. Start the bidding at actual cost. Of whatever sells, Alternatives collects the actual cost and your organization/cause keeps the difference.

Pick products. Decide on a time frame. Title and set up your auction page with our easy-to-use platform. Market the page to your community, and raise money!

Auctioned items are fulfilled directly by Alternatives Boutique. You have no product or money to handle. Minimal Time/Low Risk.

OPTION 2: Set Up Shop

Select items you wish you sell in your community. Make a presentation if you're able, and set up shop! Return whatever doesn't sell. Return 80% of sales to Alternatives and collect 20% of the sales to benefit your cause/business/organization.

OPTION 3: Product Orders

Do you have time to wait for products but no time to move large amounts of product for a sale? Set up shop with our catalogue and product samples. Collect orders and payments made out to your case or organization. Collect 20% of the proceeds for your cause/organization and return the other 80% along with any product samples you do not sell outright. Orders will be fulfilled within 3 months and delivered to you for distribution in your community.

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